Independent learning

Darya spent a great deal of time putting together a great leaflet all about climate change and it wasn’t even a homework task! Click here to see it!

Sports Day

KPS in Worcester Evening News

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Kempsey Fest Photographs!

We had such a great time during Kempsey Fest. It really did have a Festival atmosphere. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the children who helped to make it such a special event. We would also like to thank Miss Sandy for her amazing organisation and all the staff who gave up their time to help make the event

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Temples Trip Photographs

We took a large group of children to visit both Sikh and Hindu temples on Monday 10th July. It was a great day, where the children were introduced to the Sikh Temple and enjoyed some real ‘wow’ moments, including a visit to the prayer room and the dome which sits atop the temple. The dome is beautifully decorated with glass mirrors. The children were

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Temples Trip Governor Feedback

We were lucky enough to be joined on our Temples Trip by three Governors. Jo Chown has made the following observations; A great day out today supporting the Sikh temple and the Hindu temple visits. Understanding different regions was enlightening. I think I saw some smiling faces with the food tasting also. What got me was the beauty and having the pleasure of hearing

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Letter to Governors and a reply!

Three of our children wrote to the Governors with a few suggestions about our school. They received a prompt reply! Read here

Balance Bike Training Photos

Red Nose Day pictures

Science week photos