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Trees also symbolise life; their roots are firmly embedded in the earth and their branches reach towards the sky.

Our classes are named after trees because we hope the children in our school will also reach towards the sky and aspire to great success in their learning!

fraxinus-excelsior-844653_1280The ash tree symbolises sacrifice, sensitivity and higher awareness. It is a very tall tree and can grow to a 150 feet tall! It has a very good root system and its branches are very well spaced out. It is also one of the last trees of the year to leaf.

We hope that the children in Ash class will also grow tall and well and that they will be as strong and sensitive as the tree that gives their class its name! Ash Class is a class of Reception children. It is taught by Mrs Lisa Williams and the teaching assistant in the class is Mrs Tammy Welton,

Ash Class Page


The chestnut tree symbolises justice and honesty. They are deciduous and can grow up to 100m tall. The wood from them, like oak, is strong and can be used as a building material. The chestnut itself symbolises difficulties and overcoming them.

We hope the children in Chestnut class will grow to be honest, strong and be able to tackle all the exciting challenges heading their way. Chestnut is a class of reception children and will be taught by Miss Louisa Sandy and Mrs Sue Hart.

Chestnut Class Page


camperdown-elm-316360_1280The elm tree symbolises wisdom and strength of will. It is also associated with intuition and feeling.

We hope that the children in Elm Class will grow to be strong and wise in their year in this class. We also hope that they will learn to be sensitive and care for each other. Elm Class is a mixed Reception and Year 1 class. It is taught by Miss Lucy Biggerstaff and Mrs Vanessa Kimpton.

Elm Class Page


cedar treeCedar trees are associated with healing, cleansing and protection. It is also associated with protection and prosperity or success. It is the national tree of Pakistan.

We hope that the children in Cedar class will look after each other this year and be successful in their learning. Cedar Class is a class of Year 1 children. Their teachers are Miss Megan Jesssop and Mrs Rachel Collins.

Cedar Class Page


golden-autumn-834119_1280The beech tree symbolises tolerance, patience and understanding. Beech trees are thought to hold the knowledge of the power of the written word and to inspire a love of literature. Many historians believe that the first pages of European literature were written on beech tree bark.

We hope that the children in Beech Class will be patient and kind with each other and that they will love all that they learn this year. Beech Class is a Year 2 class and is taught by Mr Andrew Hands and their teaching assistant is Mrs Shona Hirst.

Beech Class Page


leaves-384514_1280The laurel tree is a symbol of victory, prosperity and fame. In ancient Greece, successful, winning athletes wore laurel leaves at the end of their winning races. In other civilisations, laurel leaves could only be worn by people who used their knowledge and spirituality to serve the public.

We hope that the children in Laurel Class will be successful in all areas of their school life and that they will use their skills to make our school a better place. Laurel class is a Year 3 class this year. They are taught by Miss Lucy Beswick, Mrs Liz Tuner and Mrs Sandra Smith.

Laurel Class Page


maple-leaf-572244_1280Maple trees symbolise balance, promise and magic. They are associated with generosity and practicality. The maple tree is a vibrant, colourful tree, whose leaves brighten the autumn days with their changing colours.

We hope that they children in Maple Class are generous with each other and that their year is full of promise – a truly magical learning journey! Maple class is a Year 3 and 4 class this year. They are being taught by Miss Amandine Stone and their teaching assistant is Laura Judd.

Maple Class Page


tree-402953_1280The mighty Oak tree is a symbol of courage, strength of character and power. It stands strong through all things. Legend has it that the Oak tree is the most powerful of all trees. It is a strong and wise tree.

Like the tree, we hope that the children in Oak class are strong and courageous in their learning this year and that they, too, are a powerful force in our school. Oak Class is a mixed Year 4 and 5 class. It is taught by Mr Gareth Grant and their teaching assistant is Mrs Deborah Cooke.

Oak Class Page


willow-199402_1920The willow tree symbolises fulfilling wishes of the heart, learning from the past, inner vision and dreams. It symbolises inner wisdom and an open mind with the stability and strength of age and experience.

Like the tree which gives the class its name, we hope that the children in Willow Class will realise their dreams this year. For some of the pupils in this class, it will be their final year at KPS and we hope that they will be good role models for the younger pupils in our school. Willow Class is a mixed Year 5 and 6 class. It is taught by Mr David Willetts, Mrs Sally Drinkwater and Mrs Annie Guyatt.

Willow Class Page


sequoia-274158_1280The redwood tree is a magnificent, tall tree from North America. When an old Redwood tree dies or is cut down, a new one sprouts from its roots. The roots of the redwood never die. The redwood tree is a symbol of forever; legend believes it is a great teacher. If you sit beneath the branches of the redwood tree, you will hear the whispers of ancient wisdom.

We hope that the children in Redwood Class will have a magnificent year, perhaps their best year at KPS! For some of the children in this class, it will be their last year at KPS but we hope that what they learn this year will stay with them forever and that what they learn this year will send down roots for forever learning. Redwood Class is a mixed Year 5 and 6 class. It is taught by Miss Lucy Underwood, Mrs Sue Curtis and Mrs Dawn Bennett.

Redwood Class Page