HUET Book Club

Throughout 2018 we are running a book club, for year 6 pupils, that will take place at Hanley High School involving the schools in the MAT.  It is a great opportunity to talk about different books, but also a chance to meet with other year 6 pupils as well as spending sometime at the high school in readiness for the next academic year.

Our first book is called, ‘The Other Side of Truth’ by Beverley Naidoo. Here is the synopsis of the story.

The Other Side of Truth

A novel about two young people who overnight become refugees…

Sade is slipping her English book into her schoolbag when Mama screams. Two sharp cracks splinter the air. She hears her father’s fierce cry, rising, falling.
‘No!  No!’
The revving of a car and skidding of tyres smother his voice.

A shot. Two shots at the gate in the early morning and a car screeches away down an avenue of palm trees. A tragedy – and a terrible loss for Sade and her younger brother Femi, children of an outspoken Nigerian journalist. Now terror is all around them and they must flee their country. At once. And alone. Plans for their journey have to be hastily arranged. Everything must be done in secret. But once Sade and Femi reach England, they will be safe – won’t they?

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