Temples Trip Photographs

We took a large group of children to visit both Sikh and Hindu temples on Monday 10th July. It was a great day, where the children were introduced to the Sikh Temple and enjoyed some real ‘wow’ moments, including a visit to the prayer room and the dome which sits atop the temple. The dome is beautifully decorated with glass mirrors. The children were also offered ‘lanka’, which is blessed food. They were encouraged to try a little and many went back for seconds!

At the Hindu temple we visited a number of shrines dedicated to various Hindu Deities. It was such a peaceful place and the children got to see Hindus worshiping at the shrines. Both of the temples- The Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha (Sikh) and Tividale Tirupathy Balaji (Hindu) are open to the public and we would very much recommend a visit. You will receive a truly warm welcome at both venues.

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